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City of Everett To Spend $66,400 to Study Fire Department Efficiencies

September 22, 2014


Everett Fire Department

The city is ready to begin an efficiency assessment of the Everett Fire Department.

At its meeting Wednesday night the Everett City Council will be asked to consider spending $66,400.00 to study the efficiencies of the Everett Fire Department. The study is part of Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson’s Budget Deficit Reduction Plan. The Fire Department is the first of three city agencies to be studied. When the plan was revealed in June there was concern expressed about the independence of the study. The city recently completed its request for qualifications and of four firms who responded and the administration is recommending Fitch and Associates out of Missouri. They were the low bidder at $66,400.00. The study would begin sometime this year and be conducted in three phases…

  • Phase 1 would be a baseline management and operations analysis of the Everett Fire Department and identifying short and long term opportunities.
  • Phase 2 would be an in-depth evaluation of short-term efficiencies
  • Phase 3 would be an in-depth evaluation of long term efficiencies

All three phases are expected to be completed by the spring of 2015. You can click here to see the results of the request for qualifications as well as what the city is asking Fitch and Associates to provide. Once the study of the Fire Department is complete, the city will move on to an analysis of the Police Department and Everett Transit.

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Do You See Everett, WA as The City of Everett Sees Everett?

September 21, 2014


If you had to describe Everett to someone what would you say? Recently the City of Everett launched a “design a new logo contest” and here’s how the city described itself. Does your experience match the city’s description?


A view of the welcome to Everett sign at 41st and Broadway.

Get to know us
We are a community with a rich history of entrepreneurs, innovators, risk takers and big thinkers, and those values still drive everything we do today.

For a mid-size city, we’re home to some heavy hitters in the world of global trade and technology. Boeing built its first airplane in Everett in 1967 and is now starting work on the 777X – an airplane that will change the face of aerospace. We have the largest advanced manufacturing hub in the world, and we’re working hard to develop the technology innovators and technicians of the future. We are no stranger to international markets; many of our top 50 companies are foreign-owned.

The Port of Everett and Naval Station Everett anchor our vibrant waterfront. The Port boasts the largest recreational marina on the West Coast and an active deep-water port. The Navy base joined our waterfront in 1994 and its sailors and their families are an important part of our community.

Beyond aerospace and industry, we’ve seen tremendous growth in higher education and health sciences. Providence Regional Medical Center and Everett Clinic are nationally recognized for groundbreaking patient care and health-care solutions. We’re home to three colleges, including Washington State University, one of the nation’s premier research institutions.

And while you probably know about Boeing and some of our other famous residents, we’re also incredibly proud of the arts and music renaissance that’s happening in our downtown and on our waterfront. In the past several years, Everett residents and visitors have had the chance to experience exciting new bands through the Everett Music Initiative, incredible musicals and shows at the Village Theatre and Historic Everett Theatre, and world-class art exhibits and classes at the award-winning Schack Art Center. The XFINITY arena and events center brings a wide range of concerts, traveling shows, conventions and sporting events to our region.

Everett boasts an enviable quality of life, with an extensive park and trail system, natural beauty on all sides and our 19 unique and active neighborhoods. We are family friendly – from the bustling Imagine Children’s Museum to our beloved AquaSox and Silvertips. Every summer is filled with countless ways to enjoy our city – from sandy fun on Jetty Island to the Sorticulture garden arts festival to concerts at the marina to craft beers and food trucks.

Next spring a year-round farmers market will open in the heart of downtown, complete with serveries, a commercial kitchen, and space for local farmers to connect directly with restaurateurs and customers. With exciting new housing and hotels opening all the time, young families and professionals are flocking to our active and walkable city core.

This is an exciting time to be an Everettite.

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Details and Guidelines Revealed For $5000.00 City of Everett Logo Contest

September 18, 2014


City of Everett logo

The winning logo will fetch the designer $5000.00. Click the old logo above to get all logo design contest rules.

On August 14th we revealed that the City of Everett was going to hold a contest to design a new city logo. That little story turned out to be one of our most commented articles ever. Now Meghan Pembroke, communications director for the city, has released the design guidelines for the contest…

Our new logo:
We’re looking for a logo that’s modern and sophisticated, that offers both a nod to our history and view of our future. Our logo needs to work at art and music shows in our downtown core and in board rooms all across the world. Because our logo is reproduced in a variety of different formats, we’d like something that leans toward simple and sleek, with maybe just a tiny hint of quirky.

Size and colors
The City’s logo is used in variety of applications, including on road signs, business cards, uniforms, large banners, websites and posters. Your design should be adaptable for black-and-white uses, and should be scalable (looks good when very small and when very large).

You are welcome to use any combination of colors in your design. However, because of reproduction considerations, we suggest limiting your design to three or fewer colors (including black). We prefer designs that do not use graduated colors.

Logo types
We encourage you to submit whatever design you think best represents the qualities described in our design brief. We are especially interested in wordmark, combination mark and emblem logo types. This blog post provides a helpful overview of common logo types:

Other considerations
Your logo design should be able to stand alone or accommodate adding specific department names (i.e. “Public Works” or “Parks and Recreation”).

Here are some other details from a press release issued by the city this week…

“Our current logo is more than two decades old, and we’re in need of new look,” said Meghan Pembroke, communications director. “We’re asking artists and designers to send us their best ideas for a new logo. The public will also have a chance to help us narrow down the field.”


The City will accept design submissions via their website through Friday, Oct. 17. The community will then be able to vote for their favorite logo designs through an online survey.


A judging panel will review the top 20 finalists – 15 chosen by community votes and five selected by members of the Everett Cultural Arts Commission. The winning design will be presented to the City Council for approval in late November or early December.


“The contest is open to anyone who has a great idea,” said Pembroke. “We’ll accept artistic concepts as well as fully realized designs. We’ll work with one of our graphic designers to finalize the winning design and translate it into our family of logos.”


The City’s logo is used in variety of formats, including uniforms, vehicles, stationery and signs. The City will take a gradual approach to replacing logos to keep costs low. The logo will be changed out for electronic uses right away; for vehicles, signs and other uses, it will be changed out as those items come up for replacement.


For contest rules and design guidelines, visit



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Ghouse Named Airport Director at Paine Field in Everett, WA

September 14, 2014


Snohomish County has named a replacement for Dave Waggoner who is retiring after more than 20 years as Director of Paine Field in south Everett. Here’s the update from Rebecca Hover at Snohomish County…


Arif Ghouse will replace Dave Waggoner.

After a national search of the friendly skies, Paine Field has a new airport director. Arif Ghouse is scheduled to land in Snohomish County in early October.

Ghouse has 16 years of airport management experience at world-class international airports, including George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston and London’s Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted Airports in England. He also served as the Port of Seattle’s security and emergency preparedness director.

Ghouse is currently the airport duty manager at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport where he oversees airport operations, including the airfield, terminal and landside.

“We’re very fortunate to have someone of Mr. Ghouse’s experience and reputation leading Paine Field,” Snohomish County Executive John Lovick said. “He understands the many issues facing airports today and the need to work collaboratively and be customer service focused.”

Ghouse – who will oversee a staff of 50 and an operating budget of $19 million at Paine Field – is replacing outgoing airport director Dave Waggoner who is retiring after 22 years of service. During Waggoner’s tenure, Paine Field was twice named the FAA’s Airport of the Year, and Waggoner was named Airport Executive of the Year in 2013 by the Northwest Chapter of the American Association of Airport Executives.

Paine Field is a major economic driver in the region, boasting hundreds of aerospace manufacturing jobs on airport property, and generating $30 to $40 billion annually into the state’s economy. The airport has become a destination for aviation enthusiasts and is home to the Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour, as well as the Historic Flight Foundation and the Flying Heritage Collection.

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City of Everett To Review Practices Surrounding Downtown Arena

September 12, 2014


vendor pic

Xfinity Arena general manager Rick Comeau talks with a hot dog vendor set up across from the main entrance to the arena during Cannabis Cup.


This site of a fatal fire can’t be used as a parking lot but the City of Everett says its use as an open air market was acceptable.

Following the recent Cannabis Cup in downtown Everett, the city is going to review how it views and enforces zoning code uses and potential violations in the area surrounding Xfinity Arena. During the Cannabis Cup a hot dog vendor was set up kitty-corner from the arena at Oakes and Hewitt. That looked to be a violation of the zoning code put in place to protect downtown brick and mortar restaurant owners. In addition a gravel parking lot directly across from the main entrance to the arena was used as an area for an open air market and for people to smoke medical marijuana. That lot was the former location of the McCrossen building which was destroyed in a three-alarm fire in November of 2012. One person died in the fire and 40 residents were displaced. The property has been fenced and while Everett zoning codes prohibit using that space as a parking lot, there apparently is no restriction on the owner renting out the property for open air events. did ask the city about the use of that lot during the Cannabis Cup and got the following e-mail response from city communication director Meghan Pembroke…

“From a land-use standpoint, the use during the event was not in violation of our zoning code. As part of the demolition of the McCrossen Building, the City required the property owner to develop a landscaping plan, and our planning staff has been working with Mr. Sikov’s landscape architect on a perimeter planting plan for the site.”

Another lot across the street on the east side of Broadway was used for a similar marketplace and smoking area. Food vendors inside that area were allowing people to smoke well within 25 feet of where they were serving. As far as why the marijuana smoking area wasn’t kept on the Xfinity Arena property, general manager Rick Comeau told that because the arena has a liquor license, the Washington State Liquor Control Board prohibited the use of any marijuana related product on the property. The arena facilitated introductions between the property owners and the promoter of the Cannabis Cup who made independent arrangements to use the two lots on either side of the arena.

With regards to reviewing the current zoning codes and their enforcement, City of Everett’s Pembroke offered the following…

“The City worked with the Public Facilities District (PFD) and the event promoter to handle many event-related requests before the Cannabis Cup. However, some agreements were worked out directly between the event promoter and private property owners. This event was the first of its kind in Everett, so we’ll do a review internally and talk with the PFD about how it went and any issues that came up.”

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Commander of Naval Station Everett May Face Court-Martial

September 8, 2014


The Navy issued the following press release today regarding the C.O. of Naval Station Everett…

Naval Station Everett

The Commanding Officer at Naval Station Everett is under investigation of serious charges.

SILVERDALE, Wash. (NNS) — Commander, Navy Region Northwest, Rear. Adm. Jeff Ruth, will convene a Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) Article 32 hearing to determine the disposition of a criminal court-martial charge against Capt. James Duke, commanding officer of Naval Station Everett, arising from a sexual assault allegation.

During the UCMJ Article 32 hearing, which is similar to a civilian grand jury proceeding, the charges and information collected will be considered by a senior Navy Judge Advocate who will make a recommendation to Ruth.

Cmdr. Jeff Caulk, the executive officer of Naval Station Everett, has temporarily assumed the duties as commanding officer. Duke has been reassigned to Commander, Navy Region Northwest for the duration of the military justice proceedings. The administrative reassignment of Duke is not an indication of guilt, however it does allow for continuous and unfettered leadership at Naval Station Everett.

Naval Station Everett’s mission is to provide superior shore station support to United States Naval and Coast Guard forces, while ensuring readiness and quality of life for Sailors, civilians and their families.

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Ringling Circus Wants To Close Everett Street to Wash Elephants and Honor Oso 1st Responders

September 2, 2014


circus protest

In 2011, anti-PETA protesters mixed right in with the PETA protesters in downtown Everett as the circus came to town.

That’s a headline you won’t likely see again… An interesting item is coming before the Everett City Council for its Wednesday night meeting. Feld Entertainment, who promotes the Ringling Brothers Circus, has made a special event application to close Wall Street just south of Comcast Arena at Everett for what is being called an Oso First Responder Recognition Ceremony and Elephant Bath for the Ringling Brothers Circus. The briefing papers with the Everett City Council Agenda don’t really explain what one thing has to do with the other. The closure is requested on September 17th between 9:00am and 2:00pm. It will be interesting to see if animal rights activists target the event if it is approved. The Circus annual visit has been marked by protests both pro and con regarding the elephants over the past several years. The recent death of an elephant at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle as reported by our news partner, The Seattle Times, may bring more attention to the issue of elephants performing in Everett. The Everett City Council meeting begins Wednesday at 6:30pm at 3002 Wetmore in downtown Everett and allows public comment if you’d like to provide your input.

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