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See What The Port of Everett Plans To Do With Your Money In 2015

October 21, 2014


2015 Port of Everett budget

2015 Port of Everett by the numbers. Click graphic to see the 2015 citizens budget guide .

The Port of Everett is again looking at a 1% increase in property taxes for 2015. That’s the same increase the City of Everett will be taking and is the maximum allowed by State law. To explain the increase and give taxpayers a better understanding of how much the Port of Everett takes in, how it spends its revenues and the impact it has on Everett and surrounding communities, the Port has released a 12 page citizen’s guide to the 2015 budget.

The Port has also changed the way it budgets. It’s moved from an annual operating and capital budget to a one year operating budget with a five-year capital plan. Port officials say that will allow them to bring more private investment into the Port. If you’d like to weigh in on how the Port of Everett plans to spend your money next year the Port will hold a public hearing on the proposed 2015 budget on October 28th. The budget is scheduled for approval in early November.

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Judging For New City of Everett Logo is Underway Through October 28th

October 20, 2014

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Everett, WA city logo

Everett says this logo is outdated and is offering $5000.00 for a new design. Click above to review and vote for your favorite.

Last Friday the deadline passed for submissions for the contest to design a new logo for the city of Everett, WA. Now voting begins to choose a new logo. City of Everett spokesperson Meghan Pembroke says they’ve received more than 800 entries…

“We’ve been flooded with designs from all over the country and from as far away as Russia and the United Kingdom,” said Meghan Pembroke, communications director. “We’re overwhelmed at the interest and participation and all of the different ideas that have been submitted.”

The city has created a special website to view and vote on the logo submissions. Voting ends October 28th.

“We encourage you to pour a cup of coffee, find a comfy seat and get ready to spend some time looking through the hundreds of designs,” said Pembroke. She estimates that about 85 percent of the logos were submitted by artists from Washington state, including many from Everett.

Community voting will help narrow the field to up to 65 semi-finalists, including up to 15 chosen by members of the Everett Cultural Arts Commission. The City expanded the field of semi-finalists due to the volume of designs received.

A judging panel will select the winning design from among the final group, and that designer will receive a $5,000 award. The winning design will be presented to the City Council for approval in late November.

“We’ve loved seeing the unique perspective each artist brings to our city,” said Pembroke. “We’ve received sketches from budding artists, as well as fully-realized designs. Once the winning design is selected, we’ll work with one of our graphic designers to finalize it and translate it into our family of logos.”

The City’s logo is used in a variety of formats, including uniforms, vehicles, stationery and signs. The City will take a gradual approach to replacing logos to keep costs low. The logo will be changed out for electronic uses right away; for vehicles and signs, it will be changed out as those items come up for replacement.

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You Can Complain About Everett, Or Join A City Board. Here Are 12 Choices…

October 18, 2014



Welcome to Everett. Would you like to volunteer to make the city a better place?

The City of Everett has openings on a dozen different boards and commissions and is looking for volunteers to serve. There looks to be an opening to fit most any interest so if you’d like to take a hands-on approach to making life better in Everett, WA then here’s your opportunity…

The city of Everett is seeking community members to serve on a variety of volunteer boards and commissions.


“Serving on a board is a great way to get to know the city and to be a part of shaping our future,” said Deborah Wright, executive administrator for neighborhoods and community services.


Volunteers must be at least 18 years old and current residents of Everett. Mayor Ray Stephanson will review the applications and make a recommendation to the City Council for approval of the selected board members.


Interested volunteers can download an application from the city’s website: Applications are also available at the Mayor’s office, 2930 Wetmore Ave, Suite 10-A, or by calling 425-257-7115. The deadline for applications is 5 p.m. October 31, 2014.
Current openings include:


  • Animal Control Advisory Board: This board provides input on all aspects of animal control including in-depth review and modification of ordinances.
  • Board of Park Commissioners: The Board of Park Commissioners advise the City Council, Mayor, Department of Parks and Recreation and other city departments on park and recreation issues.
  • Committee for Housing and Development: The Committee for Housing and Community Development promotes citizen participation for Community Development Block Grant funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  • Cultural Commission: The Cultural Commission approves funding for nonprofit arts groups, presents free lectures and musical performances, is responsible for the care and maintenance of the public art collection valued at $2.5 million and has developed an outdoor sculpture exhibition that features sculptures in the downtown.
  • Diversity Advisory Board: This board advises the Mayor and City Council on diversity issues and activities within the city. The board meets on the third Monday of each month at 4 p.m.
  • Historical Commission: This board advises city staff and leaders on matters of history and historic preservation. The commission also nominates property to be included on the Everett Register of Historic Places, reviews state and national register nominations, reviews restoration tax benefits, provides design review in historical overlay zones and publishes information about Everett heritage.
  • Human Needs Advisory: This committee meets each year to review applications and award grants to nonprofit agencies that provide services to Everett residents.
  • Library Board: The Library Board oversees operations and sets policy and strategic goals to ensure quality library service.
  • Planning Commission: The Planning Commission makes recommendations to the City Council, Mayor and other city departments on broad planning goals and policies.
  • Transportation Advisory Committee:This committee provides direction to city staff and administration on traffic issues, traffic safety, transit service and transportation planning.
  • Tree Committee: The committee’s primary responsibility is to review and make recommendations to the Parks Commission concerning the implementation of the public tree policy.
  • Senior Center Advisory Board: This board gives input on various projects and assists in fundraising events for the Everett Senior Center. The board is responsible for assessing the center’s changing needs and meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 2 p.m.

For more information on boards and commissions, visit

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Commit A Crime In Everett, WA And You May Serve Your Jail Time in Yakima

October 16, 2014


Everett Jail

Everett may send prisoner to Yakima instead of the Snohomish County jail.

The City of Everett is looking to send certain people sentenced to serve jail time to Yakima instead of Everett. Wednesday night the Everett city council heard a briefing from the city administration on a plan to have those serving longer term sentences do their time in the Yakima County jail. The major reason is economics. The average jail stay for those convicted of misdemeanors in Everett is 10.9 days. The city currently pays the Snohomish County jail $64 dollars per day and that rate will soon rise to $84 for inmates without special needs and $200 a day for those with mental health or medical issues. The Yakima County jail is offering to take in inmates from Everett for $54 per day including transportation to and from Everett. City officials say they anticipate using the Snohomish County Jail for short term says and the Yakima County facility for those sentenced to longer terms. You can see the proposed agreement here.

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Everett City Council Votes To Extend Ban On Major Marijuana Growing Operations

October 16, 2014


mj leaf

Rules for recreational marijuana in Everett, WA will remain the same for another 6 months.

The Everett City Council Wednesday night voted to extend the city’s ban on major marijuana growing operations within the city limits for another six months. Citing a lack of available data and no funding source from the State to regulate, inspect or enforce the operations, city council members agreed to keep the current rules for recreational marijuana in place. Currently the rules prohibit Tier 2 and Tier 3 large-scale production and processing facilities from opening and also limit the distance one marijuana retailer can be from another to 2500 feet. Last October the city passed the temporary rules to allow time for evaluation of how retail marijuana would work in Everett. Since that time, there have been no Tier 1 producers or processors open within the city limits and the only retailer granted a license…High Society, just opened two weeks ago. City Council member Brenda Stonecipher said she would agree to the six month extension this time but wants to move forward to making permanent rules. “We have to remember that 57% of voters in Everett approved legal marijuana,” said Stonecipher. “We also need to address any concerns about odors or other impacts that large-scale processors may bring to the neighborhoods.” Other council members spoke out about the need to respect the voters wishes while weighing the financial impact that leaves the State getting the money from recreational marijuana while the city has to deal with the local impacts. Jessica Jordan, addressed the city council saying she hopes to open her retail marijuana store, MariJ’s Highway Pot Shop, in the old Orchid Thai Restaurant/JR’s Sports Bar in the Eastmont neighborhood by the end of the year. Jordan told the council she wants to keep her money in Everett but can’t if she has to turn outside of the city limits to buy enough product to keep her doors open. The current rules will stay in place through April.

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General Election Voting in Everett Starts Friday Featuring City Council Matchup

October 15, 2014


Publisher’s note: does not endorse candidates or take a position on ballot measures. We do encourage voting. As a matter of full disclosure it is my voice you hear on the audio ballots in the Snohomish County accessible voting units. I’ve done that under contract with the Snohomish County Auditor’s office for the past 10 years. does accept political advertising at the rate of $25.00 per week for a 300×250 ad on the right side of the page. We only offer candidate profiles for those races contained to the Everett city limits. – Leland Dart, Publisher

Officially election day is Tuesday November 4th but as a practical matter, voting begins Friday. Ballots are going out this week and drop boxes open and vote by mail returns begin Friday. While there are several races locally that affect people in Everett in one way or another including Congress, State Legislature, County Executive, Sheriff and District Court Judge positions, there is only one race on the ballot this year strictly within the city limits. That’s Everett City Council Position 7. Two weeks ago invited both candidates on the ballot the opportunity to present up to 400 words on why they should be elected to the position. Here are the statements as provided by the candidates. A coin flip decided the order in which they appear.

Here is the statement provided by Judy Tuohy:


Judy Tuohy

Judy Tuohy, Everett City Council Position #7
I was born in Everett, raised in the Seahurst and Claremont neighborhoods, graduated from both EHS and CWU. For nearly 20 years I have lead the Schack Art Center, quintupled its operating budget, expanded its county wide programs and raised $6M in our community to build the Schack Art Center in downtown Everett. More than 70,000 people participate in our many programs and of that 60% are from outside of Everett. The Schack Art Center is a regional draw for our city and was awarded the 2014 Governor’s Award for State Arts Organizations.

I bring over 24 years of business management, analysis and planning, creative approaches to problems and the ability to work together with a broad diversity of citizens to find the right solutions. And a proven track record of working with people to get things done.

I will bring a balanced, independent voice to council along with my top priorities:
• Public safety: Keeping our neighborhoods, schools, businesses and work places safe by providing the right resources.
• Fiscal responsibility and careful management of our resources: sound business practices are essential to ensure efficient delivery of services and management of our resources.
• Representing the citizens: I will be accessible and listen to you. Addressing what YOU care about most.

My experience and skills give me the ability to see a vision, pull the community together and realize that vision.
I share your vision that Everett is a great place to live, and I will work with you to make it even better.
Vote for Judy Tuohy, and we will work together to make Everett the best it can be.

Join my supporters:
38th Legislative District Democrats, Snohomish County Democratic Party, National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington, State Senator John McCoy, State Representative June Robinson, Snohomish County Council Member Brian Sullivan, Former Everett Mayor Bob Anderson, Everett Chief of Police Kathy Atwood (ret.), Everett City Council Member Paul Roberts, Everett City Council Member Brenda Stonecipher, Everett School Board President Pam LeSesne, Everett School Board Member Caroline Mason, Chris Adams, Don Carter, Doug & Robin Ferguson, Kris Hausmann, Steve & Carol Klein, Chris & Holly Knapp, Barb Lamoureux, Hugh & Judy Matheson, Deane & Leslie Minor, John Monroe, Si Newland, Myrna Overstreet, Margaret Riddle, Maryalice Salget, Reid Shockey, Barry & Carol Smith, Harry Stuchell, Morrie Trautman, Clay & Hap Wertheimer, Diane Wright & 100’s of Everett voters.

Here is the statement provided by Rich Anderson:


Rich Anderson

Rich Anderson
As a lifelong resident of Everett I am proud to have been appointed to the City Council last November. I know Everett’s neighborhoods, its parks and the people who live here. As a private business person and CPA, I have been working to create jobs and support economic development in Everett for nearly forty years. The depth and breadth of my experience in working with businesses – small and large – as a trusted advisor qualifies me to provide a well reasoned approach to the financial challenges Everett faces. Community service has been a cornerstone of my personal and professional life. As a community volunteer I have served the young, elderly, disabled and mentally ill through board service for many of our dedicated non-profit organizations, including United Way, Compass Health, Luther Child Center and the Greater Everett Community Foundation. I have also served on the boards of the Everett Public Library and the Everett Public Facilities District, with the responsibility for design, construction and opening of the $54 million dollar Everett Events Center – on time and under budget.
Today, we must focus on basics and provide the essential services our residents deserve and expect. I am honored to have the endorsements of Everett’s police officers, fire fighters medics, and their leaders – past and present – who recognize and appreciate my strong commitment to public safety as a top priority. We must act responsibly in our budget planning to make long-range decisions which avoid broad cuts to essential services, and we must start now. I will continue to work hard to assure your tax dollars are spent wisely and effectively. In the recent budget actions I cast tough votes on difficult decisions to move the City forward with a balanced budget. Cuts to expenditures represent over one-half of the dollars needed to balance the 2015 budget, with additional cuts to come in future budget phases as we make in-depth reviews of the effectiveness and efficiency of our fire, police and all other departmental operations. A thorough review and adjustment of medical insurance and benefits is underway which will prove Everett to be a leader in bringing cost effective practices to the public sector.
We have important work ahead as a City and we must make sound financial choices for the benefit of all our residents. I would appreciate your vote on Election Day! would like to thank both candidates for their submissions. Voters please remember to have your vote by mail ballot postmarked by November 4th. Here is a list of the various drop box locations if you’d rather return your ballot that way.

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Controversial Downtown Everett Courthouse Project Documents Now Online

October 14, 2014


new county courthouse

Drawing of proposed Snohomish County Courthouse courtesy Snohomish County. Click to visit courthouse project web page.

Snohomish County has now put documents regarding the construction of a new County Courthouse in downtown Everett up on a website. The courthouse project document site includes timelines, project updates and presentations. According to the latest timeline on the project construction is slated to start in May of next year. The update also says…“Property acquisitions are moving forward. All affected property owners have agreed to possession, occupancy, and use by the County on November 15th.”

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