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Everett Gets Its First Legal Marijuana License For Production and Processing

April 11, 2014


Verdavanti logo

Everett’s first officially licensed grower and processor of recreational marijuana.

So far the State of Washington has issued about 10 license approvals for growing and producing marijuana for distribution to wholesale and retail outlets. Last week the State issued its first license to an Everett based firm. VERDAVANTI, LLC was issued a Tier 3 License to grow marijuana for recreational use in an area of 10,000 to 30,000 square feet.

According to State licensing records, the company’s mailing address is a UPS storefront mailbox on Everett Mall Way inside the Everett City limits while the actual growing facility is on 132nd street SE just south of the Everett city limits in unincorporated Snohomish County.

We’ve emailed them questions through the contact page of their website asking about their business operations and if they’re excited about being the 1st marijuana producer and processor in Everett but have not yet received a reply.

As far as buying their product at a retail store in Everett, that will still have to wait. On April 22nd the State of Washington will hold a lottery for the retail licenses. In Everett there are more than 50 applicants applying for 5 slots. The results of the retail lottery will be revealed on May 2nd. Everett’s first retail marijuana stores will likely open sometime in July.

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Great Graphic of New Buildings at Everett Boeing Plant via Seattle Times

April 10, 2014


Seattle Times Boeing Plant graphic

Click to see the Seattle Times graphic of the new buildings at the Everett Boeing Plant

Our news partner, The Seattle Times, has a great graphic by Mark Nowlin showing the new buildings soon to be going up at the Everett Boeing plant in south Everett. There are also two informative articles by Dominic Gates. One talking about the use of robots in building the 777x as well as the way Boeing plans to deal with parking issues that will result due to the construction.

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Now Available in Everett, New Online Tool Analyzes PUD Customer’s Power Usage

April 8, 2014


Snohomish PUD energy advisor

Give it a try. You might win $200.

Snohomish PUD is offering customers a chance to win $200 just by analyzing their power bills between now and June 30th. Using what it calls an online EnergyAdvisor tool, the PUD says customers can see where they are using the most energy and then take steps to reduce that usage. Here are the details from Neil Neroutsos at Snohomish PUD…

Analyze your PUD bill with the utility’s EnergyAdvisor for a chance to win $200 off your PUD bill. Three prizes will be awarded during the promotion, which runs through June 30, 2014. For more information, visit

The free EnergyAdvisor tool was recently upgraded to integrate customer billing information for account specific data.  It’s an easy-to-use online analyzer that enables customers to see where they are using the most energy in their homes, and what they can do to reduce their use and save money.  After answering a few quick questions about their homes, customers receive a comprehensive report with tips for no- and low-cost ways to save, as well as information about relevant PUD programs and rebates. A recent billing integration upgrade to the tool enables customers who input their account number to receive more personalized results.

In addition to the whole-home EnergyAdvisor audit, customers can access several special purpose calculators related to thermostats, lighting, televisions, appliances and holiday lighting. Appliance cost sheets provide additional information about average monthly energy costs for operating more than 100 household items.

Home reference tools also provide a collection of resources, such as a library of topic-specific articles, a “Kids’ Corner,” an electricity primer and a highly-visual interactive home tool.

The PUD has helped customers identify ways to conserve energy since the early 1980s. For a range of tips and resources, call the utility’s Energy Hotline at 425-783-1700. The PUD’s website, at, also offers a wealth of energy-related information.

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Everett Farmers Market Announces Dates For 2014 Sunday Season on Everett’s Waterfront

April 5, 2014


Flowers at Everett Farmers Market

Strawberries at Everett Farmers Market Good news for foodies and art lovers in Everett. For the 21st year, the Everett Farmers Market will be held on the Everett waterfront. The Sunday Market will open for the season on May 18th, two weeks earlier than past years. The season will run to October 5th and the market will be in its usual location just north of Lombardi’s restaurant on West Marine View Drive. Hours will be from 11:00am until 4:00pm. As always you’ll be able to find Washington-grown fruits and vegetables, fresh flowers, a wide variety of things to eat, live entertainers, extremely talented artists and if you’ll forgive the editorial comment…a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon on the waterfront in Everett.

Plans have also been set to bring back the Friday Farmers Market at the Everett Mall in south Everett. That will happen every Friday from 3:00pm to 7:00pm beginning June 13th.

You can learn more on the Everett Farmers Market web page.

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Everett Radio Station Owners Buy Former Herald Newspaper Property

April 4, 2014


Herald property in Everett, WA

There are two parcels. One on either side of West Marine View Drive. Photo provided by Skotdal Real Estate

Craig Skotdal, President of Skotdal Real Estate and co-owner of Everett radio station Classic Country 1520 KXA, announced yesterday that his family has purchased the former Herald newspaper property at California and West Marine View Drive near the Everett waterfront. The property has been listed for sale since early 2013 when Sound Publishing bought the Herald from the Washington Post Company. On Sunday, the Herald office and reporting staff finished moving out of the buildings on California Avenue and into a new location at the former Verizon building at 41st and Colby. The printing operation had previously moved to Paine Field. Skotdal did not reveal how much his family paid for the property. Here’s the full press release issued by Skotdal…

Skotdal Real Estate announced today it has acquired the real estate assets of The Daily Herald Company from Graham Holdings Company (NYSE: GHC). The property includes two city blocks on the west edge of downtown Everett where The Daily Herald Company previously operated. The transaction was made through the purchase of the company’s stock from Graham Holdings. The price of the transaction was not disclosed.

With the closing of the sale, the real estate parcels now return to local ownership after being sold to the Washington Post Company by the Best family along with their newspaper business in 1978. Graham Holdings Company is the successor in interest to the Washington Post Company. In early 2013, the newspaper assets of The Daily Herald Company were sold to Sound Publishing, Inc.

“The Washington Post Company and Graham family have a long history of responsible stewardship in the Everett community,” said Craig Skotdal, president of Skotdal Real Estate. “Throughout their 35 years as owners of The Daily Herald Company, they invested in quality and took a long-term approach that made a positive difference in our community. That’s the same model we intend to follow.”

Skotdal Real Estate’s latest purchase is another step forward in the company’s goal of accelerating Everett’s transformation as a vibrant urban center. “As a company and as a family, we’re committed to helping downtown Everett become a dynamic urban neighborhood where people can live, work, and play in one great place,” said Skotdal. “The purchase of the Daily Herald properties creates opportunities, now and in the future, that can help achieve that goal.”

The two city blocks included in the property sale are comprised of approximately 4.39 acres of land. The first parcel, located in the 2700 Block of Grand Avenue, includes 83,537 SF of building space with a mixture of office and industrial/warehouse uses. It features the former headquarters office building of The Daily Herald Company. The second parcel is located in the 2700 Block of W. Marine View Drive, immediately west of the other site. Both properties had been extensively marketed for sale.

Skotdal Real Estate’s immediate plans for the property include leasing the available office and industrial spaces to businesses interested in relocating to downtown Everett. As part of this effort, the company will undertake aesthetic improvements to the property to bring it up to the same standards as other buildings in its real estate portfolio. “Our primary focus is to bring people back to the core of the city, and recruiting new businesses to downtown is a big part of that effort,” said Skotdal.

In January, Skotdal Real Estate confirmed it was in the early stages of planning a new 102-unit apartment building to be constructed at the southeast corner of Hewitt and Rucker Avenues. A major goal of the project is to expand the number of urban dwellers living in Everett’s central business district.

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Update: Everett Budget Gap Growing, City Council to Hear Possible Fixes Wednesday Night

April 1, 2014


Editor’s Update Wednesday 12:45pm: received the following update this morning from Meghan Pembroke at the City of Everett regarding the 2015 deficit jump from $12 million to $13 Million dollars…

The Mayor’s address on March 19 referenced the most recent official update to our forecast, which was done in December. In preparation for tonight’s presentation, we updated the model to include adjustments on both the revenue and expenditure forecast, so council would have the most current numbers to work with. Those were the numbers that Susy used in her presentation last week.

Since the last formal update in December, the major changes include:

Expenditure Changes:

• Increasing the annual debt support for the Events Center by $800k. For several years now, the Events Center has not been meeting its revenue projections, and has had to draw down its operating reserve to pay debt service. This reserve is now down to about $500k. Current projections for activity at the Events Center indicate that it will be able to fund its operations going forward, but will need additional help to meet debt obligations. In light of that information, we have programmed an ongoing increase in debt support into the model.

Revenue Changes:

• Revenue adjustments to property tax, sales tax, utility tax, and service charges resulted in a net increase of $234k.

Thanks to Meghan for the clarification. There will be a lot more detail and information provided at tonight’s Everett City Council meeting. LD

Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson

Mayor Stephanson is asking for public involvement to make tough budget decisions.

On March 19th, Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson delivered a letter to the Everett City Council outlining a budget deficit of 12 million dollars in 2015 growing to 20 million dollars by 2018 if no adjustments are made to the way Everett deals with its finances. Today city public information director Meghan Pembroke issued a press release saying the deficit is now projected at 13 million dollars for 2015 and 21 million dollars by 2018. At Wednesday night’s Everett City Council meeting, Everett Parks and Recreation Director Paul Kaftanski will share a menu of options for citizens, business owners and city council members to consider. Those include possible changes in the police, fire, parks and other city departments.

Here’s the full press release issued today inviting citizens of Everett to attend the city council meeting, watch on cable or view online. The meeting begins at 6:30 in the Everett City Council Chambers at 3002 Wetmore in downtown Everett.

Community members are encouraged to attend Wednesday’s city council meeting, where staff will present options for bringing the city’s finances back into structural balance for the long term.

“We must make significant and thoughtful changes to the way we do business in order to close the budget gap,” said Mayor Ray Stephanson. “I urge our residents and business owners to join us as we discuss what kind of city we want to be in the future.”

The city faces a deficit of $13 million in 2015, which will grow to $21 million by 2018 if no adjustments are made. Financial modeling shows revenue growing by just 2.3 percent a year, while the city’s expenses are projected to increase by 4.1 percent a year.

In December the mayor convened a group of senior staff, led by Parks Director Paul Kaftanski, to research and evaluate potential actions city leaders could take to balance the budget. At the April 2 council meeting, Kaftanski will share the results of their efforts with councilmembers and the public. Council meetings are broadcast live on the Everett Channel: Comcast channel 21, Frontier channel 29, or online at

“Our goal is to be proactive in addressing our budget challenge now, in a sustainable way, rather than face a crisis in the future,” said Stephanson. “Like many municipalities, we are facing a new normal, and we must take a hard look at the services we provide, and how those services are funded.”

Kaftanski will share a menu of options Wednesday night, including cuts to programs, adjustments to rates and fees, and potential changes to the way the city provides service in some of its largest departments, including public safety, transit, parks and the library.

Community members will have the chance to share feedback and ask questions at council meetings and public meetings in April and May.

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