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Holiday Decor Going Back Up in Downtown Everett

November 22, 2014



A downtown Everett tradition continues…


The whole process takes about 3 hours.

The intersection of Hewitt and Colby was shut down for a few hours Saturday morning so City of Everett crews could again put up the tree and other decor on the structure around the intersection. Back in 2011 the annual tradition almost stopped due to the poor condition of the tree and the supporting structure. A citizen outcry against plans to cancel the display led to the public works department making some adjustments and the downtown tree tradition continued. Here are a couple of pictures from this morning. By they way…Santa Claus arrived at the Everett Mall today.

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Pay 2 Play Political Money Documentary To Be Shown in Everett

November 19, 2014


Pay 2 Play

A discussion will follow the showing of the film.

Got notice for those who may be concerned about the role money plays in politics that there is an event Thursday night that you may find of interest…

Pay 2 Play: Democracy’s High Stakes, a documentary from John Ennis details how deeply entrenched big money is in public policymaking and what these high stakes mean for the future of our country. Pay 2 Play follows Ennis in his investigations into elections in Ohio, in which politicians reward their donors with public treasury assets such as contracts, jobs, tax cuts, and regulation. Driven by the need to provide future generations a better world, Ennis’ film provides the public a study on how to find a way out from under the “Pay 2 Play” system of patronage. Pay 2 Play features Robert Reich, Lawrence Lessig, Marianne Williamson, Noam Chomsky, and many others

Following the screening, Aquene Freechild, Co-director of the Democracy is for People Project for Public Citizen, will lead a discussion about the recent efforts to pass a Constitutional Amendment in Congress, and how sixteen other states have urged Congress to pass a Constitutional Amendment to stop the corrupting influence of money in politics.

Everett: Thursday November 20
Firewheel Community Coffeehouse (2727 Colby Ave, Everett)
7:00pm Screening
8:30pm Discussion with Aquene Freechild
Sponsored by Fix Democracy First and the Green Party of Snohomish County

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Turkey-Mashed Potatoes-Gravy-Cranberry Sauce and Stuffing Pizza Now in Everett, WA

November 12, 2014

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Major League Pizza

Pizza with cranberry sauce, stuffing, turkey and mashed potatoes. Click to visit their Facebook page.

“There is no middle ground,” said Major League Pizza owner Andy Hansen. “They want it and they love it or they won’t even consider it.” He’s referring to their November Pizza of the month which is basically a Thanksgiving dinner with all of the trimmings baked right into a pizza. “It took us five or six tries to get it all together,” said manager Ashleigh Hodges. “We had to determine how much of each ingredient to include so it tastes just right.” Both Hodges and Hansen say the pizza has been a bit of a surprise hit. It will be available through the month of November in any size you’d like from a personal pizza up to their huge Big Show which is nearly two feet in diameter.

Turkey and Mashed Potato Pizza

Owner Andy Hansen and Manager Ashleigh Hodges prepare a “Thanksgiving Meal in a Pizza.”

Unusual monthly specials are just one way that this downtown Everett Pizza shop has been able to succeed in an extremely competitive category. “We moved here from the Smokey Point area of Arlington five years ago and it took two to three years here to do what we did in six months in Arlington,” said Hansen. “But we’ve turned a corner and love being in downtown Everett.” Hodges tells that their insistence on fresh ingredients, hand tossing dough and putting quality first has made a difference for them. They also are one of the few places in Everett that offer a Chicago Deep Dish Style as well as 32 different combos. So if you can’t decide between a traditional Thanksgiving meal or a pizza, have both at the same time. You can find Major League Pizza at 2811 Colby Avenue in downtown Everett and online at

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Hollywood Considers Everett “Evocatively Desolate”

October 29, 2014


7 Minutes

Can you identify the street in Everett where this shot was filmed? Picture from 7 Minutes Facebook page. Click to visit

Probably not the kind of description the city leaders will be putting under whatever is chosen as the new City of Everett logo but its the term used by the Hollywood Reporter in a review of the movie “7 Minutes” which was filmed in Everett last year. The movie made its debut at the Austin Film Festival earlier this week and producers are hoping for a distribution deal later this year. If that happens they promise a screening here in Everett.

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Downtown Everett Dance School Introduces Class For Kids With Sensory Processing Issues

October 19, 2014


Dance School image

Click on the image above for more information.

The Dance School on Rockefeller has started a pilot program for kids age 8 – 13 who have issues maintaining focus, may be on the autism spectrum or have other sensory issues but want to dance. The program, entitled “Dance, the Senses and Emotion”, will run for four Sundays in the month of November. Heidi Heimarck explains how the program is being developed…

“We had some students who just couldn’t focus enough or were on the autism spectrum and got too stimulated during dance classes, resulting in withdrawal or disruptive behavior. Conversations with parents made it clear that these students want to take dance, and the parents would love to have them take dance, but maybe another approach was needed to keep them engaged and succeeding.

One of our instructors, Sarah Seder, recently started a program like this in South Seattle, and we approached her about whether or not she was willing to begin a similar program here. I then looked for additional expertise to ensure that our program isn’t just thrown together, but is created with adequate support and input.

After a few team meetings, the result is this pilot class — and from there we’ll get a handle on the interest level and other needs that we might discover.”

In addition to instructor Sara Seder, the team behind this pilot program includes Todd Provancha, Julie Kafkalidis and Monica Tabor. If you’d like to find more information, click here or call The Dance School at 425-259-6861.

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Dogtober Fest In Downtown Everett Saturday

October 17, 2014



Dogs and beer in downtown Everett Saturday from 1 – 4pm

If you like dogs, food, beer and trivia this event is for you…

Save-A-Mutt (SAM) and Everett’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) are coming together again for the third annual Dogtober Fest. The event will be on Saturday, October 18th, 2014 from 1-4 PM at the Irishmen, 2923 Colby Avenue, Everett, WA 98201.

There is a $5 cover charge/donation which includes a trivia card and one door prize ticket. Trivia begins at 2:00 PM. Teams of 5 or less will compete against each other with their knowledge of “beer and dogs.” Each member of the winning team will win a bag of goodies! Additional door prize tickets will be available for purchase and door prizes will be given away all throughout the event. In addition, a 50/50 raffle will be held.

ARF and SAM are very excited to have another event at The Irishmen. It has a full kitchen and a wide selection of beers, come hungry and thirsty. Attendees must be 21 to attend. There is limited outdoor seating, weather dependent, for people who wish to bring their dogs – well behaved and on leash.

Funds raised will be split between ARF and SAM’s fund. An exciting change this year is the addition of sponsorship from Broadway Animal Hospital and Kristi’s Kritter Care, which has allowed the groups to purchase Dogtober Fest t-shirts and mugs available for purchase.

ARF was established in 2005 to support the work of the Everett Animal Shelter, Snohomish County’s largest and only open-admission shelter. Through fundraising, adoption events and education, ARF has spread public awareness about the Everett Shelter and the important work it does for animals and the community in Snohomish County. ARF is uniquely poised to provide assistance directly to the animals who most need it by funding medical expenses that fall outside the shelter’s budget.

Save-A-Mutt, formally known as Scrub-A-Mutt, is known for it’s annual fundraising dog wash. In the last year, the focus on animal rescue has greatly expanded – thus the organization’s name change.  Working with area shelters and rescue partners, this year alone, Save-A-Mutt has been able to save over 300 animals from high-kill California shelters, as well as help rehome pets advertised on Craig’s List.  They are also working to end the sale of puppy mill dogs at local pet stores.

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Controversial Downtown Everett Courthouse Project Documents Now Online

October 14, 2014


new county courthouse

Drawing of proposed Snohomish County Courthouse courtesy Snohomish County. Click to visit courthouse project web page.

Snohomish County has now put documents regarding the construction of a new County Courthouse in downtown Everett up on a website. The courthouse project document site includes timelines, project updates and presentations. According to the latest timeline on the project construction is slated to start in May of next year. The update also says…“Property acquisitions are moving forward. All affected property owners have agreed to possession, occupancy, and use by the County on November 15th.”

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