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Quick Work by Firefighters Stops Blaze at Abbey Carpet in Downtown Everett

August 10, 2014


Everett dumpster fire

No word yet on what started the fire.

Just before 3:30 this morning Everett Firefighters were called to the 2600 block of Colby for a fire behind the Abbey Carpet building. A dumpster fire was spreading up a power pole and threatening the Bayside Supply warehouse. Fire crews were able to get a quick stop on the fire and keep it from extending into the building. No word yet on the cause of the fire.

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Ivory Waiting To Be Tickled as Downtown Everett “Street Tunes” Returns

August 8, 2014


Street Tunes Hendrix

The Jimi Hendrix Experience is in front of the main Everett library.

Street Tunes is back. Every year the city of Everett puts out decorated pianos for people to play. This year’s selection is spread out in the downtown Everett core. Below you’ll find a photo of each of the pianos, their location and the name of the artist who decorated it. You’re also invited to vote on the City of Everett’s website for your favorite piano. The pianos are covered and locked at night but are available to play during the day.

An Invitation to Jam
Pianos will be out Aug. 6 – 26, 2014

Street Tunes is an interactive art project, from start to finish, beginning with the commissioning of artists to decorate each piano. Pianos are placed on the street and anyone can stop and play a tune or just tickle the keys. Each location has maps so that you can create a treasure hunt of unique pianos while exploring Everett. The piano with the most votes will be awarded the “People’s Choice Award” by the City of Everett.

2014 Street Tunes pianos and locations:

Click here to vote for your favorite piano!

2104 pianos
















1.  Everett Transit Station, 3210 Smith Ave.,
Sun in Raven in Whale
by Darrin Hess & Jane Meagher

2. Imagine Children’s Museum, 2915 Colby Ave.
Meow Art
By Cathy Tanasse

3. Schack Art Center, 2921 Hoyt Ave.
Boogie Woogie Broadway
By Si Newland

4. Mermaid Café, 2932 Colby Ave.
Intertwined – 2013 People’s Choice
By Amber Forrest

5. Craving Cajun Grill, 2915 Colby Ave.
Night Concerto
By Anna Mastronardi Novak

6. Everett Comics, 2831 Wetmore Ave.
Pianobots of the 25th Century
By Mike Capp

7. Sol Food, 1405 Hewitt Ave.
Nature’s Melodies
By Cassandra Reed

8. Major League Pizza, 2811 Colby Ave.
Music Leopard Lounge-2010 Award
By Janet Wold

9. Café Zippy, 2811 Wetmore Ave.
All Star Piano Players
By Cathy Tanasse

10. Jonn Laurenz Fine Cuts, 2802 Colby Ave.
Epoca Rosso
By Alexweander Vincine

11. Sisters & Sno-Isle Co-op, 2804 Grand Ave.
Pacific Coast Rocks
By Melana Bontrager

12. Everett Library, 2702 Hoyt Ave.
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
By Jesse James Jeter

13. Wetmore Theatre Plaza, 2710 Wetmore Ave.
Summer Reflections – 2011 Award
By Shannon Danks

14. Wicked Cellars, 2616 Colby Ave.
The Phantom
By Jeromy Sawdon

15. Petite Sweet & J. Matheson Gifts
2615 Colby Ave.
Mambo Kings Sing Songs of Love
By Cheri O’Brien

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Wailers Coming to Everett As Part of Cannabis Cup on September 6th

August 7, 2014


Cannabis Cup

Click above to read our original story on the Cannabis Cup coming to Everett.

Comcast Arena at Everett has finally put the Cannabis Cup up on its upcoming event page. In order to purchase tickets the arena is referring people to the official Cannabis Cup website. According to Dan Skye from High Times Magazine, more than 10,000 people are expected to attend the 2-day event. Skye tells that there are no press releases but they will update interested people in Everett who sign up for their newsletter.


Click the lion to visit the Wailers website.

We also received this update from the PR firm for the original Wailers. The world-famous reggae band will be performing Saturday night September 6th at 8:00pm.

Reggae music has never stopped evolving but for millions of people from around the world it’s still defined by the songs of Bob Marley and the Wailers. It’s been their heartbeat rhythms that have inspired so much of what’s followed since, as evidenced by the enduring popularity of the “one-drop” reggae sound.

The world’s most iconic reggae band The Wailers are currently touring the US, performing the prominent album Legend in its entirety. As they infiltrated reggae music to the world outside of Jamaica, its birth place, The Wailers celebrate their 30th anniversary of the album Legend. Named by Time Magazine as the “Best Album of the 20th Century” and #46 on Rolling Stone Magazine’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, Legend is also the best-selling reggae album of all time, with over 30 million copies sold worldwide.

The Wailers have consistently toured for the past 40 years, and in doing so, have been keeping the legacy of Bob Marley alive. They are the most successful reggae group in history, having sold over 250 million albums worldwide and played to an estimated 25 million people around the world. They have left an indelible mark on modern music. After touring in South America, Russia, Middle East, and Europe, The Wailers are eager to bring their good vibrations to festivals and venues across the country this summer.

Formed in the late sixties, The Wailers have created an extraordinary body of work and their music can be heard in every corner of the world today. Original members included Bob Marley and his vocal partners Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh, alongside the ground-breaking rhythm section of the Barrett brothers, Carlton on drums and Aston “Family Man” on bass. Today, Aston leads the band as it continues its worldwide campaign to promote peace, love and equality through the message of reggae and Rastafari.

Wailers Lineup:
Aston “Family Man” Barrett – Bass
Audley “Chizzy” Chisholm – Guitar
Keith “Coach” Sterling – Keyboards
Basil “Bennow” Creary – Drums
Melvin “Rasmel” Glover – Rhythm Guitar
Cegee Victory – Back Vocals
Dwayne “Danglin” Anglin – Lead Vocals
Aston Barrett Jr. – Organ
Kevin “Yvad” Davy – Lead Vocals

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Stricklands Out as Downtown Everett Association Changes Managers

August 4, 2014


Update: Spoke with Bob Strickland this morning who related that his wife Sue had resigned her position to devote her time and energy to Robert Strickland and Associates, a marketing and advertising agency in Everett. He says she thoroughly enjoyed her nine years and cherishes the relationships built with business owners and people living in downtown Everett. They are both looking forward to helping those business owners with marketing projects as well as some exciting online projects the couple is developing.

Cruzin to Colby Car Show packs downtown Everett

Downtown Everett Association want to keep the crowds coming…

For the last nine years, Bob and Sue Strickland have managed the Everpark Garage and promoted downtown Everett. That’s now changed per this press release from Craig Skotdal…

The Downtown Everett Association Board of Directors has announced the new hire of Steven Graham as the Downtown Services Manager for the association.

While Steven Graham has an eight year history as a senior claims representative at Allstate Insurance, he’s most known in Everett as the Co-Founder of the Everett Music Initiative and the recent Fisherman’s Village Music Festival. Graham is also on the City of Everett Cultural Arts Commission and has played an active role in the growing music and arts community in Downtown Everett.

“We’re excited to have Steven Graham join our team,” said Craig Skotdal, President of the Downtown Everett Association. “He has a successful history of promoting the cultural and economic vitality of Downtown Everett and this position is a great fit for him.”

As the Downtown Services Manager, Graham will oversee the day-to-day operations of the City’s Everpark Garage as well as maintenance activities in the Business Improvement Area, a 19-block district in Everett’s downtown core. Graham will also create and implement programs that continue the association’s presence as a resource for downtown businesses and property owners. Additionally, Graham will be in charge of all stakeholder communications and the association’s marketing programs.

New Website:

The Downtown Everett Association recently launched an updated website in collaboration with Luminous, an Everett-based creative design and development firm. The new website provides a comprehensive overview of organization’s mission and services as well as resources and information for downtown stakeholders to assist in ongoing revitalization efforts.

About the Downtown Everett Association

The Downtown Everett Association (DEA) is committed to advancing and growing Downtown Everett as a vibrant economic and cultural center through leadership, advocacy, and the ongoing management of a Business Improvement Area (BIA). The DEA’s membership is comprised of property owners who pay annual assessments to provide for cleaning and maintenance of public right-of-ways within the 19-block area. The DEA also seeks to expand parking use and availability downtown through proactive management of the City’s Everpark Garage.

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Big Cannabis Cup Marijuana Event Advertised as Coming to Everett in September

July 31, 2014

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Cannabis Cup 2014

Comcast Arena at Everett is said to be the site of the Cannabis Cup September 6th and 7th.

While there is only one producer-processor licensed and there are still no retail licenses approved for marijuana stores in Everett, there does seem to be a big marijuana event coming to town. It was mentioned in a recent meeting of the Everett Public Facilities District and we’re still trying to get local confirmation, but it appears that thousands of marijuana enthusiasts will be in Comcast Arena at Everett in September. Here’s what we found on the High Times Cannabis Cup website and confirmed through a call to their New York office…

The HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup is returning to Seattle for our third event in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, this is the 18th Cup that we’ve mounted in America. Up until 2010, the Cannabis Cup was only held in Amsterdam, but with the rapidly changing legal landscape for marijuana in the US, we brought the Cup to our homeland.

The Cannabis Cup is an event designed to promote our fledgling industry. Our aim is to showcase the businesses and the people who are stoking the fires of cannabis commerce. The event is a moment when we can take stock of our industry – a time to look around, exchange ideas and prepare for the future battles ahead.

We’ve already seen what legalization can do in Colorado, where recreational cannabis is already legal. In Denver, the Cannabis Cup has been a staggering success with 40,000-plus attending, all reveling in our newfound freedom.
In the years to come, we want to see huge industry trade shows in all of our 50 states.

Let’s concentrate on making Washington the marijuana powerhouse it should be. The foundation has been laid. Let’s start building the house!

This year’s Cup will take place at the Comcast Arena (2000 Hewitt Ave, Everett, WA 98201) on September 6 and 7.

What is a Cannabis Cup?
It’s a two-day trade show/EXPO incorporating vendor booths in a main building with an extended outdoor component for additional vendor booths.

Inside booths range from glassware and clothing to grow equipment and artwork. Inside also features three seminars per day either in a sectioned off area off the main floor or in a private “theater” like setting. The seminar topics include legalization regulations featuring Northwest experts, current political issues, grow seminars with HIGH TIMES editors as well as a cooking seminar from our own Cannabis Cookbook author.

The outdoor component is typically a fenced off area with privacy screening, not visible to the general public. Medicating (smoking) is allowed in this area for those with a valid medical card and a picture ID (for medical states). Visitors are wrist banded for entry. Security is posted to assure these regulations are followed.

No selling or distributing of cannabis is allowed.

There is Saturday night entertainment typically starting @ 8PM and lasting till @ 11PM.

Either at the venue or in another venue if room does not allow.

The entire event is protected by outside hired security. Every security company we’re hired for these events has stated that we have the most polite and respectful attendees of any events they work (including sporting events, concerts etc.).

This event is a celebratory and informational gathering for vendors and patients.

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TV Show Filming in Downtown Everett This Week

July 23, 2014


Everett TV shoot 1

Everett TV shoot 2 An episode of a TV show is filming in downtown Everett this week. You may notice lights set up outside a certain business. The producers aren’t saying a lot at this time but promise to reveal more once shooting is complete. We can tell you it’s not the return of the Food Network or Fox to Everett.

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Typewriters Placed Around Downtown Everett as Interactive Art

July 18, 2014

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Everett typewriters

When was the last time you saw one of these?

Everett typewriters

This is set up in the 2700 block of Colby.

The city of Everett is launching an interesting interactive art project involving typewriters placed around the downtown area. Here are the details as provided by Meghan Pembroke at the city…

Look for a bit of nostalgia coming to downtown Everett this week. “Word on the Street,” an interactive art project, will bring 10 vintage typewriters to Everett sidewalks starting Wednesday, July 16.


The manual typewriters, which range from 40 to 70 years old, will be installed on classic typewriter tables decorated by local artists and placed outside downtown businesses. Passersby are invited to take a minute to type out a response to the “question of the day,” posed by Everett Public Library staff.


“This is a fun way to be a part of a local art project, and try your hand at using a manual typewriter,” said Carol Thomas, cultural arts manager. “We’ll post some of the answers in downtown storefronts and on social media.”


The 10 typewriters were donated to the city or found in dusty back corners of thrift shops. They got a tune-up from David Austin, who inherited an Everett typewriter repair store from his father.


The typewriters will be on display from July 16 to Aug. 5, when Street Tunes will roll into downtown. Click here for artist details and typewriter locations.

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