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Another Downtown Everett Restaurant Closing – Fish Tale Brew Pub Ending 3 Year Run

September 19, 2014


Fish Tale sign

Fish Tale opened the Everett location in August of 2011.

Saturday will mark the final day for the Everett location of Fish Tale Brew Pub. They opened three years ago in the former Turner’s location directly across from Xfininty Arena at the corner of Hewitt and Broadway. It was billed as a slice of organic pub life brought to downtown Everett. It was a new location for the folks at Fish Brewing in Olympia. No word yet on the reason behind the closure or if something else is planned for the space. We’ve reached out to the folks at Fish Brewing and will let you know what we hear.

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PETA Plans Pachyderm Picture Protest Outside Everett Circus

September 18, 2014

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PETA protest 2

Signs from the 2011 protest.


An anti-PETA sign during a protest in 2011

It could be a bit of a circus outside of the circus this evening as PETA plans to have protesters outside Xfinity Arena in Downtown Everett. According to a press release, the protesters will be carrying posters with graphic pictures of elephants in a Ringling Brothers Circus training facility. In the past PETA protesters have been met in Everett by Anti-PETA protesters who are against PETA’s use of pictures in view of children coming to the circus. It’s likely both groups will be in force tonight. Here’s part of the PETA press release…


What:              PETA protesters will assemble in Everett on Thursday evening as Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus prepares for its opening show. The protesters will display signs that read, “Ringling Beats Animals,” and are emblazoned with compelling photos taken inside Ringling’s training compound. The photos expose how baby elephants used by Ringling are stretched out, slammed to the ground, gouged with steel-tipped bullhooks—weapons that resemble fireplace pokers with sharp steel hooks on one end—and shocked with electric prods. These abusive sessions go on for several hours a day in order to force the baby elephants to learn to perform circus tricks out of fear of punishment. Actor Alec Baldwin has narrated a video exposé that focuses on how circuses abuse elephants.


“Everett residents would run screaming from the big top if they knew how baby elephants are violently forced to perform difficult, confusing, and sometimes painful tricks,” says PETA Foundation Deputy General Counsel Delcianna Winders. “Since children love animals, the last place that parents and grandparents should take them to is the circus.”

We haven’t received word yet of any plans of anti-PETA protesters but if 2011 is any indication, they will likely be back.

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Press Release Confirms 10 Oso First Responders Invited To Bathe An Elephant in Everett, WA Wednesday

September 16, 2014

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Xfinity Arena

The public is invited to watch heroes bathe an elephant Wednesday at 11:00am.

We reported earlier in the month on Ringling Bros. asking the Everett City Council for a street closure to honor Oso First Responders. That closure was approved and here are more details on the event as received in our email today from Sue Strickland at the Downtown Everett Action Committee…

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents “Super Circus Heroes”
Honoring Puget Sound Area’s Real-Life Heroes from the SR530 Landslide
The Greatest Show on Earth celebrates the courage and dedication of first responders from the SR530 Slide as Puget Sound’s “Greatest Heroes on Earth”

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 – 11 am

  • 11:00 am “Greatest Heroes on Earth” Recognition Ceremony of SR530 Slide First Responders
  • 11:30 am Ten First Responders to Help Bathe a Ringling Bros. Asian Elephant
  • 12:00 pm Event concludes

XFINITY Arena at Everett SE Entrance at the corner of Lombard Avenue and Wall Street

The men and women of local fire departments, law enforcement and search & rescue agencies demonstrate their courage every day for the safety and well-being of the community and Ringling Bros. is proud to honor their heroic efforts with a special award ceremony hosted by Ringmaster David Shipman! Being honored are representatives from the Oso, Darrington, Arlington, Marysville and other Fire Departments, the Snohomish County Fire District, the Red Cross and many other volunteers!

The “Greatest Heroes On Earth” Recognition Ceremony will be followed by a real treat as 10 of these local heroes will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help bathe one of our treasured Ringling Bros. Asian Elephants right on Wall Street.

In addition, Feld Entertainment has set aside 1,000 complimentary Circus tickets for the impacted families and First Responders to the SR530 Slide. They will be guests on Thursday, September 18 and Friday, September 19. Each of those nights, one of the First Responders will serve as Guest Ringmaster alongside David Shipman.

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City of Everett To Review Practices Surrounding Downtown Arena

September 12, 2014


vendor pic

Xfinity Arena general manager Rick Comeau talks with a hot dog vendor set up across from the main entrance to the arena during Cannabis Cup.


This site of a fatal fire can’t be used as a parking lot but the City of Everett says its use as an open air market was acceptable.

Following the recent Cannabis Cup in downtown Everett, the city is going to review how it views and enforces zoning code uses and potential violations in the area surrounding Xfinity Arena. During the Cannabis Cup a hot dog vendor was set up kitty-corner from the arena at Oakes and Hewitt. That looked to be a violation of the zoning code put in place to protect downtown brick and mortar restaurant owners. In addition a gravel parking lot directly across from the main entrance to the arena was used as an area for an open air market and for people to smoke medical marijuana. That lot was the former location of the McCrossen building which was destroyed in a three-alarm fire in November of 2012. One person died in the fire and 40 residents were displaced. The property has been fenced and while Everett zoning codes prohibit using that space as a parking lot, there apparently is no restriction on the owner renting out the property for open air events. did ask the city about the use of that lot during the Cannabis Cup and got the following e-mail response from city communication director Meghan Pembroke…

“From a land-use standpoint, the use during the event was not in violation of our zoning code. As part of the demolition of the McCrossen Building, the City required the property owner to develop a landscaping plan, and our planning staff has been working with Mr. Sikov’s landscape architect on a perimeter planting plan for the site.”

Another lot across the street on the east side of Broadway was used for a similar marketplace and smoking area. Food vendors inside that area were allowing people to smoke well within 25 feet of where they were serving. As far as why the marijuana smoking area wasn’t kept on the Xfinity Arena property, general manager Rick Comeau told that because the arena has a liquor license, the Washington State Liquor Control Board prohibited the use of any marijuana related product on the property. The arena facilitated introductions between the property owners and the promoter of the Cannabis Cup who made independent arrangements to use the two lots on either side of the arena.

With regards to reviewing the current zoning codes and their enforcement, City of Everett’s Pembroke offered the following…

“The City worked with the Public Facilities District (PFD) and the event promoter to handle many event-related requests before the Cannabis Cup. However, some agreements were worked out directly between the event promoter and private property owners. This event was the first of its kind in Everett, so we’ll do a review internally and talk with the PFD about how it went and any issues that came up.”

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Downtown Everett’s “Prohibition” Back on National TV Again Tonight

September 12, 2014


Prohibition Gastropub

An update on the Hewitt Avenue eatery airs tonight at 9:00pm on Fox.

The Fox TV show “Kitchen Nightmares” will feature a return visit to Prohibition Gastropub tonight at 9:00pm on Fox channel 13. Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay first visited the downtown Everett restaurant in December of 2012 when it was called the Prohibition Grille. He and his crew spent a week there and when they were done the restaurant had a new name and new menu. That episode aired in April of 2013. In July of 2013, Ramsay did a follow-up visit to check on Prohibition’s progress. Now a full year later that segment will finally air. The Everett restaurant is just one of several restaurants featured in tonight’s show.

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Comcast Arena at Everett Gets Re-Branded to Xfinity

September 11, 2014

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Xfinity Arena

What was Comcast is now Xfinity

Xfinity sign Same company, new name as Comcast changes it branding on the downtown Everett arena from Comcast to Xfinity. Here’s the official press release…

The Everett Public Facilities District and Global Spectrum announced today the rebranding of Comcast Arena to XFINITY Arena at Everett and Comcast Community Ice Rink to XFINITY Community Ice Rink. Comcast acquired the naming rights to the Community Ice Rink in 2003 when the venue opened, and added the Arena in 2007.

The re-branding will be completed during the month of September at no cost to the Everett Public Facilities District. The naming-rights agreement allows the phone, cable and internet provider to extend its high-speed internet consumer brand XFINITY to audiences in Washington.

“The XFINITY brand is about continuous innovation and offering our customers more speed, more choice and more control,” said Dave Shirley, VP of Sales and Marketing for Comcast’s Washington Region. “We believe associating the XFINITY brand with a venue that is an innovator in its own right and such a source of community pride makes for a perfect fit.”

“We look forward to working closely with Comcast in rebranding the XFINITY Arena and showcasing the many wonderful products on the XFINITY platform,” said Global Spectrum President John Page. “Being a subsidiary of Comcast, there are many tremendous synergistic opportunities for us in Everett and the many other venues in which we are engaged.”

“Comcast has been a remarkable marketing partner since the opening of the venue in 2003,” said Global Spectrum’s Rick Comeau, General Manager of the XFINITY Arena at Everett. “The advertising support Comcast provides the Arena generates ticket sales, bringing more people to the city of Everett, generating significant economic impact throughout the Snohomish County region.”

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From Hollywood to Hawaii, Thousands Come to Everett For Cannabis Cup

September 6, 2014



Actor David Arquette chatted with folks before going into Comcast Arena for the Wailers Show

The first day of the High Times Cannabis Cup brought several thousand people into the streets surrounding Comcast Arena in downtown Everett. In addition to educational seminars inside the conference center, there were booths in two parking lots on either side of the arena where vendors displayed various cannabis related items and people tried various strains of marijuana. The Wailers took the stage around 8:30pm an played the entire Legends album. Actor David Arquette came up from California and spent a good part of the day attending the event and then went into the concert. Outside of the arena a street preacher holding an electronic tablet stood on a stool shouting words of salvation as people walked by. Unofficial attendance figures for Saturday looked to be between seven and eight thousand people. An informal poll revealed people came from as far away as Rhode Island and Hawaii. Here are a few photos from Saturday night’s concert. The event continues from Noon until 7:00pm on Sunday. We’ll have a follow up on the economic impact soon.

Cannabis Cup day 1

A couple before the show

Cannabis Cup

About 1500-2000 people came out for the show

Cannabis Cup

A member of the Wailers plays rhythm guitar

Cannabis Cup

A woman hulas while she waits for the show

Cannabis Cup

A percussionist with the Wailers

Cannabis Cup

A preacher on his stool outside the arena

Cannabis Cup

The lead singer of the Wailers.

Cannabis Cup

A view of the crowd as the Wailers play the Legends album.

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