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My name is Leland Dart and in a former life, I was known as Tony Stevens, a radio personality and reporter for KRKO in Everett, WA and the Snohomish Bureau reporter for KOMO AM 1000 News. Since I’m not on the radio anymore I’m no longer using my radio name but decided I wanted to keep my reporting skills up so in 2011 I began My Everett News. I’m a lifelong resident of Everett and have done a lot of interesting things including working a short stint as a police officer in the City of Mukilteo, a Vee-Jay (video disc jockey) at Black Angus Square Cow Fun Bars, radio ad sales, census enumerator and later, manager of the 3rd busiest Census Office in the United States. I’m also a freelance consultant in advertising and public relations who helps people get the right message out to the right audience. Click here to see more about that or get help with your advertising and public relations.

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  1. Larry Powers Says:

    Hello Leland! My name is Larry and I was born and raised in Everett, WA. although I now live in the Tri-Cities, WA. (Pasco) but I still have a sister (Claudette Morris) and many other relatives living in Everett (and area). I keep in touch by email with Andy Skotdal whom I know you know well since you worked for KRKO. I ran across your website on a link on Northwest Broadcasters which I read about everyday! I am retired but still love to keep up with my hometown and what’s happening there! Broadcasting is a hobby to me! It always interests me! I haven’t viewed everything on your “My Everett News” website as yet, but I will! Yes, I remember your name of Tony Stevens on KRKO! So I guess the new KKXA 1520 will have 80’s-90’s Country format or All News! Both should be fine! I know Andy tells me that I should not receive KRKO here in Pasco as their signal is not directed (S.E.)in my direction, but at times KRKO still can be picked up on my radio right here in Pasco, Kennewick and Richland. I moved here in 1980 and relocated back to Everett in 1999 after going through a divorce. The cost of living is less here in the Tri-Cities and not so much traffic, so I had the opportunity to move back in 2005 so I came back to Eastern WA. My three grown children are also living here.

    Well, I’m sure you don’t want to hear my life story but wanted to say hello and I’ve added your website into my bookmarks right along side of heraldnet.com My best to you, Leland and you never know, perhaps you may even possibly be involved with KKXA when it gets on the air. Even if it chooses Country music they may still have a news department as well! Have you discussed this with Andy? Also a nice photo of you on your website!

    Take care Leland and you will probably hear from me again!

    Regards, Larry Powers
    8703 Cord Drive
    Pasco, WA. 99301-7996



    • myeverettnews Says:

      Thanks Larry, I appreciate the update and will try to keep finding interesting things for you from your hometown.


      • Larry Powers Says:

        Thanks Leland! I told my sister in Everett about your website and she now has it in her bookmarks the same as I do! You’re doing a good job! We will be reading! Larry

  2. Short Little Rebel Says:

    Leland, I am a parent with three children in the Everett School District. I have been in contact with Mr. Peterson of the Everett School Board and he denies having ever spoken to you- thereby putting you in the role of a liar. He claims that you spoke to Ms. Olson. I think he is being dishonest on this count as you have nothing to gain by telling the story as you did. I would like to email you the letters that have passed between him and me so that you can see what he is saying.

    I also write a blog and know that if someone called me a liar, especially a public official, I would want to know.

    Susan Shannon


  3. Stan Says:

    Just found you! This is very cool. I was searching for a news story about the crash into Wild Birds Unlimited at the shopping center and here you were. Well done none of the other news guys did a story on it…Thanks!



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