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Everett Postal Processing Facility Hiring for Holidays

October 31, 2011


Click the photo for part-time job openings at the Post Office Processing Facility in Everett

Even as they hold meetings to decide the future of the facility, the US Postal Service is hiring mail processing clerks at their facility on Hardeson Road. The Herald newspaper is reporting that a meeting is set for November 10th to consider closing the plant. In the meantime however are the Holidays and the facility is hiring temporary workers. You can click here to see the job description and the procedure for applying online. Much like the census, these are temporary jobs with no benefits or set term. But I bet these positions, which list the pay at $14.60 per hour, look awfully good to many as the holidays approach.

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Everett Unions Ratify Contract…Kimberly Clark – Atlas Sale Moves Closer

October 31, 2011

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Just got this in from the Unions representing workers at Kimberly Clark’s Everett Plant…

In a serious effort to find and secure a buyer for the Kimberly Clark Mill in Everett, the affiliated locals 183 & 644 of the Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers (AWPPW) and Atlas Holdings LLC have come to an agreement on a 5 year labor agreement that will take effect if and when Atlas is able to acquire the Everett facility.

Atlas indicated in September that a new labor agreement going forward would be required for them to make a serious offer on the facility as the current labor agreement did not provide them with the flexibility they believe is required for them to be successful going forward.

After two weeks of negotiations and significant concessions by the union, a tentative offer was reached on October 26, 2011 at 3:00am pending a ratification vote of the current membership of both locals. The vote passed in favor of a new labor agreement with an 80.8% margin.

The union has worked hard for the last half century to secure many of the things that we ended up parting with in this negotiation. The union also recognizes that starting this facility up as a going concern with a new labor agreement and an initial potential of 250 hourly employees gives this community the best chance at keeping family wage jobs on the Everett waterfront.

The union has done everything possible to overcome this critical hurdle in the sales process, and now it is in the hands of Atlas and Kimberly Clark to come to terms on an agreement that gives us a fighting chance here in Everett. 

The Unions had to make some serious concessions and not all employees will keep their jobs if the sale closes.

Josh Estes, President of Local 183 had this reaction.

“The thought of losing 690 family wage jobs in this economy makes me sick, but the thought of not doing everything possible to give 250 of those families a chance at a decent income and good benefits makes me even sicker.  We did the right thing here, even though it was tough, it was the right thing to do.”

David Herrera, President of Local 644 made these comments.

“It has been my privilege to work with some of the hardest working people around, we have shown that we are adaptable to change and we have proven it by passing this contract and we look forward to facing whatever the future holds “

Here’s the reaction from Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson.

“Ratification of this contract is a good step toward the possibility that Kimberly-Clark Corp and Atlas can come to a purchase and sale agreement for the facility on the Everett waterfront,” Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson said. “The employees have shown their willingness and commitment to keep the mill open and preserve as many jobs as possible.”

Atlas and Kimberly Clark have been in exclusive negotiations over the sale of the mill since the first of October.

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Paine Field Everett Seeking Members for Community Council

October 30, 2011

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Snohomish County Airport at Paine Field

Nominations are open for all position on the Community Council

Nominations are now open for membership in the Paine Field Community Council. The 10 member council advises both airport management, local governments and members of their community on issues regarding Paine Field. Here’s a description from the council application…
The Paine Field Community Council was formed in 1980 as a result of the Airport’s Mediated Role Determination. A primary purpose of the Community Council is to review, assess, and make recommendations to the Airport Director and/or affected governmental entities with regard to the Airport, especially items impacting the spirit and letter of the mediated agreement. In addition, the Community Council promotes mutual cooperation and understanding between the Airport, residential communities, and airport users.

If you want to see the community council in action, their next meeting is set for Tuesday November 8th at 7pm at the Future of Flight on the Northwest side of the airport. Members of the council are appointed by the Snohomish County Executive and approved by the Snohomish County Council. Click here for more information and links to application materials. The deadline for applying is November 15th.

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Occupy Everett Tents Now Up at Snohomish County Administration Plaza in Downtown Everett – Sunday Update 9:41am

October 29, 2011



Expect to see people staying in this and other tents as Occupy Everett settles in. Photo credit:

The first tents are going up and the first overnight residents are expected to stay this evening at the Occupy Everett site on the Snohomish County Administration Complex at the corner of Wall and Rockefeller in downtown Everett. On Thursday, we reported that Snohomish County had issued permits for Occupy Everett to set up on the administration plaza. You can see a copy of that permit here. Today the tents started going up. While there is no official spokesperson for the group, I was able to talk with Anthony Vicari who told me that they have a rally on Saturday and Sunday at noon and a General Assembly every evening at 7pm. He told me that there is some discussion of having people who are experiencing homelessness and who are turned away as Everett shelters fill up, stay in the tents during the winter when members of Occupy Everett aren’t able to stay at the site as they have to go to their jobs, homes and other obligations. He said the people would be pre-screened and that the idea is still up for discussion by the General Assembly.

EDITOR’S UPDATE: Sunday 10/30/2011 I received the following email this morning…

Good Morning,

Yesterday, you interviewed me and I misspoke.  I told you that Occupy Everett would be reaching out to the homeless at the Everett Gospel Mission to look for homeless that would be interested in staying at Occupy Everett…THIS WAS INCORRECT.  During our meeting last night, the group reiterated that we WOULD NOT be inviting homeless from the Everett Gospel Mission.  Please note this correction.  We will, when encountered with homeless who may stroll past, guide them to the help and resources that are available to them.


Anthony Vicari


The new Occupy Everett logo with clenched fist and mountains

Occupy Everett has adopted a new logo. Vicari tells me that there was a vote to have the logo changed to better reflect the national movement. He says they’re also attracting people from Mt. Vernon and other areas north of Everett who can make it back and forth to Everett much easier than Seattle. Car pools are currently being arranged to help coordinate transportation. In addition to a presence on the Snohomish County campus, Occupy Everett now has a Facebook page, Twitter Feed and website.  Snohomish County is providing two port-a-potties and around the clock security with the Sheriff’s Office on site as the occupation of the Snohomish County administration campus now is truly under way.  

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Circus Wasn’t Happy Time for Comcast Arena Everett

October 29, 2011


Comcast Arena Everett

Losses at Comcast Arena Everett are reported at $610 thousand dollars so far this year.

At Thursday’s Public Facilities District Board Meeting Kim Bedier, Global Spectrum’s General Manager for Comcast Arena Everett, reported that Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus has not been able to come to an agreement with the railroad to allow the circus train to stop in Everett which resulted in a smaller circus with less appeal. A later start date and great weather also affected attendance this year. The presentation of the Boom-A-Ring show September 8th – 11th did 45% less business this year than last. That, combined with a smaller than expected crowd for Duran Duran, left the Public Facilities District with a $100,000.00 loss for the month of September. So far Comcast Arena Everett is showing a 610 thousand dollar loss for 2011. There is some bright news on the horizon as the PFD is undergoing the process of getting a new letter of credit on 27 million dollars worth of bonds. The PFD had been facing a rising interest rate with current bondholders Dexia. The new plan is to obtain a letter of credit with the Bank of New York that is expected to save the PFD as much as $500 thousand dollars a year.
One other PFD note. The board is back at full membership with the appointment of Lanie McMullin to fill the seat formerly held by Earl Dutton who passed away earlier this year. She was appointed by Everett Mayor Ray Stephenson during Wednesday’s City Council Meeting to fill the remainder of Dutton’s term, which runs through the end of 2013. McMullin, who is the city of Everett’s Executive Director of Economic Development led the early efforts to construct an arena in Everett after the State authorized the formation of Public Facilities Districts. The Everett PFD was formed back in April of 2001.

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Tree Topples Power Lines, Cuts Power in North Everett

October 28, 2011


Providence Regional Medical Center Makes Seamless Switch to Backup Power. Several thousand people were without power late Friday afternoon after a tree took out power lines in North Everett. PUD Spokesman Neil Neroutsos tells My Everett News crews rushed to re-route power and re-establish service to the hospital and then worked on restoring service to the rest of the area. Cheri Russum, spokesperson for Providence Regional Medical Center said their systems made a smooth switch to back up power and there were no known interruptions to operations in any areas of their facility during the outage. They are now back on regular power. The Snohomish PUD had no word on the exact number of people affected by the outage.

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Everett Raptors Release Indoor Football Schedule

October 28, 2011


120 days until the 1st kickoff

The Everett Raptors football team released their 2012 schedule this week. The team plays 14 games, 7 home and 7 away. The season will kick off on the road as the Raptors will face the Tri-Cities Fever on February 25th. The home opener for the Raptors, at Comcast Arena Everett, will be Thursday March 1st at 7:05pm. The Raptors will also play at home on March 22nd, April 5th, May 4th, May 26th, May 31st and June 7th. Click Here for their full schedule. The team is also taking orders for season tickets and have announced that single game tickets will range from $12.00 per seat to $35.00 per seat.

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