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Thanks to Vote By Mail, It’s Election Day – Only 3 or 4 Races on Everett’s Primary Ballot

July 31, 2011


Your ballot must be postmarked by August 16th

With the primary ballots hitting the Post Office Thursday, most people in Everett got their ballots in the mail yesterday and by my math that makes today election day in Everett. Okay, technically primary election day is Tuesday August 16th but ever since we went to all mail voting, election day is whenever you want it to be as long as your ballot is postmarked by midnight on August 16th. It’s also a “Top Two” primary which means that the top two candidates who receive the most votes advance to the general election regardless of the party. In Everett, there are only three or four races on the primary ballot. County Executive, County Assessor, County Council District 2 and Everett School District Position #5. Now if for some reason you don’t want to trust your ballot to the U.S. Postal Service, you can drop your ballot off, in downtown Everett, at the drop box in front of the Snohomish County Campus at Rockefeller and Wall street or the drop box at McCollum Park in South Everett at 600 128th street. If you really hate the idea of voting by mail you can use one of the accessible voting machines inside the Snohomish County Auditor’s Office Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm or 7am – 8pm on Tuesday August 16th. (Full disclosure, It’s my voice you hear on the recorded ballots in Snohomish County). So grab your Sunday morning coffee, study your voter’s guide and happy election day.

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Everett Police Search for Early Morning Taco Bell Bandit

July 30, 2011


police tracking into train tunnel

Everett Police are using a K-9 to track whoever robbed the Downtown Everett Taco Bell this morning. Police were called shortly after 8:10am this morning to a report of an armed robbery at the Taco Bell at 2727 Broadway. The suspect reportedly was armed and fled out the back door. The K-9 track proved unsuccessful.

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Everett Night Out Against Crime to Cover More Than Two Dozen Neighborhood Locations

July 30, 2011


National Night Out in Everett

Click for the event in your Everett Neighborhood

Do you know the names of the people who live immediately to the left of you, right of you and across the street from you?
Tuesday August 2nd is National Night Out Against Crime. A chance for people to come outside and meet your neighbors face to face. Over the past few years, the city of Everett has held a major event on Everett Mall Way with four or five smaller satellite events across the city. This year Everett is moving away from that and supporting more than two dozen events. Everett’s Office of Neighborhoods is scheduling police and emergency responders to visit the various gatherings. Most are being held between 5pm and 8pm. You can click here for a list of events or contact Wendy McClure at 425-257-8717 to find out how to schedule someone from the city to visit your neighborhood.

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Cinema Under The Stars Tonight in South Everett at Silver Lake Park

July 29, 2011


Free Movies at Silver Lake in South Everett

Tonight's Feature is Despicable Me featuring Steve Carell

It’s the second week for the Everett Parks and Recreation’s Cinema Under The Stars Series. Tonight’s movie is “Despicable Me” featuring the voice of Steve Carell. Pre-movie fun starts at 7:30pm with activities for the kids before the movie gets going at dusk (around 9pm) You can get all the details and directions to the movie by clicking here. The best thing is, the movie is FREE!

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Everett Animal Shelter to Release Puppies from Lake Stevens Puppy Mill for Adoption

July 28, 2011

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dozens of pinschers and papillions ready for adoption

The City of Everett will begin releasing for adoption, dozens of dogs rescued from a Lake Stevens house on July 15th. Kate Reardon from the City of Everett says people interested in adopting a miniature pinscheror papillion can view pictures of the dogs online and fill out an application for adoption. The application will then have to be mailed, faxed or dropped off at the Everett Animal Shelter. There is no on-line application process.You will be able to Click here to view the dogs and see a biography.
The adoption process is very specific. Here is how the city says it will go…

The process for anyone interested in adopting the dogs:

Download an adoption application from the City of Everett website or pick one up from the front lobby of the shelter. Applications will be located in a basket on the “Stray” table. Applications on the City of Everett website are here.

Complete the application and mail, fax or drop it off at the shelter. Any applications received electronically (via email) will not be accepted. Beginning Friday morning, pictures and biographies of available dogs can be viewed at: There will be no in-person viewing.


Mailing Address:
Everett Animal Shelter
333 Smith Island Rd
Everett, WA 98201

Fax: 425-257-6023

Applicants must identify one or two dogs (by name or animal ID number) and complete the entire application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

All adoption applications must be received at the shelter by 5 p.m. Tuesday Aug. 2. Any applications received after that time will not be considered.

Applicants selected will then be contacted to come in to meet the dog they are interested in adopting, determine if the dog is compatible and finalize the adoption process.

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Lynnwood Attorney Threatens Everett With Legal Action Over Water Fluoridation

July 28, 2011


Will Everett be sued over fluoride in the drinking water?

Lynnwood attorney James Robert Deal was back in front of the Everett City Council yesterday arguing against the practice of putting fluoride into the city’s water supply. Since 1992, the city of Everett has been adding 1 milligram per liter of fluoride to the city’s Spada Lake reservoir. That level was reduced to .08 milligrams per liter earlier this year following a recommendation by the US Department of Health and Human Services and the State Health Department. At recent city council meetings, attorney Deal and supporters of the effort to remove fluoride from Everett’s water supply have spoken before the council. Deal has also launched a website about the issue. During yesterday’s Everett City Council meeting Dr. Gary Goldbaum, Health Officer for the Snohomish Health District spoke out in favor of Everett’s fluoridation program, calling it an important health and safety measure. The head of Everett’s Community Health Center’s Dental program also spoke out in favor of the fluoridation program, while Everett City Council member Paul Roberts, noted he had extensively studied fluoridation in water supplies while serving as public works director for the City of Marysville. Roberts said Everett’s water supply is one of the healthiest in the nation. The practice of putting fluoride in Everett’s water was not even on the City Council agenda but anti-fluoride activists have promised to vigorously pursue the issue. Here’s an explanation from the City of Everett about why it adds fluoride to the city’s water supply.

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Beer and Wine May Be Coming to Everett Farmer’s Market in September

July 27, 2011


Everett Farmer's Market back on Waterfront Sunday

Beer and Wine tasting may be coming in September

The Washington State Liquor Control Board selected the Everett Farmer’s Market as one of 10 Farmer’s Markets in the State to offer beer and wine tastings. It’s a pilot program that will run from September 1st of this year to November 1st of 2012. The ability to serve beer and wine at Farmer’s Markets comes from House Bill 1172 which was passed in April of this year and became effective last Friday. I’ve put in a call to Tone and Inger Hutton who manage the market to try to find out if they will in fact be participating and who will be the first winery and microbrewery featured in September.

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