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Is Everett Ready if Monsters Attack?

January 31, 2011


Are you sure you're ready to face any disaster?

As part of the effort to update its Hazard Mitigation Plan the City of Everett is holding a Safe and Sound Summit this Saturday at Floral Hall in Forest Park. There you can learn about risks that Everett thinks are real and share your ideas for reducing risk and identify risks you may be aware of that the City doesn’t yet know about. Contact Dara Salmon at 425-257-7957 for more information.

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Everett Top Foods Closes Feb. 16th, In-Store Starbucks closes tomorrow, was it the Work of the Ws?

January 30, 2011


After 26 years in Everett this Top Foods store will close February 16th.

A store employee told me this weekend that February 16th will be the last day for the Everett Top Foods store with the Starbucks closing tomorrow. She said all of the employees would be relocated to other Top stores. She said they definitely felt it when Winco Foods opened last November and that the Wal-Mart on Highway 99 also seemed to bite into them. No word yet on what will go into that spot on Everett Mall Way but I’m efforting an answer from the leasing agent.

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Please Don’t Give Guns to Car Thieves.

January 29, 2011


Officers and a K-9 search backyards in Central Everett after a high speed chase from Marysville into Everett

A wild police chase from Marysville into Everett this afternoon ends with two suspects at large and now they may have a gun. It apparently started when a car was stolen in South Everett late Saturday morning. In addition to calling police the owners apparently also notified On-Star who noticed the car was driving around Marysville. Marysville police spotted the car and gave chase across the flats into Everett. The chase continued on Broadway around the 41st street area and then ended when the driver crashed over an embankment at 43rd and Hoyt. The driver and passenger fled on foot. A K-9 unit was called in and that’s when the car’s owner advised police that there may have been a gun in the car at the time it was stolen. Police checked the car and no gun, so now instead of just a couple of joy riders at least one of the car thieves could be armed with a semi-automatic pistol. After an hour of searching, the suspects were never found. So my plea to handgun owners in Everett is, TAKE YOUR GUN WITH YOU. Don’t leave it in your car no matter what. Get a holster, get a concealed weapons permit and keep it with you. You have it for protection. It does not protect anything sitting in your car and now it could be in the hands of a crook. It’s stuff like this that causes gun owners to get a bad name. Keep your gun with you or get rid of it. Don’t leave it in your car. There I feel better that’s off my chest.

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Brown Bear Out From Under Wraps

January 28, 2011


Lorenzo E. Ghiglieri Grizzly sculpture unveiled at Brown Bear in Everett

The covering is off and this beautiful 2 ton Grizzly Bear dominates the block in front of Brown Bear Car Wash in the 3600 Block of Broadway in Everett. It’s one of several commissioned by the owners of Brown Bear and was created by Lorenzo E. Ghiglieri.

You can see more photos of this great sculpture at our Facebook Page.

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City of Everett to pay thousands for a sign in Comcast Arena, NW Plus Credit Union’s Loss is Coastal Community Bank’s gain and Sugarland still hopefully coming to Everett

January 27, 2011


Comcast Arena in the Moonlight

The City of Everett’s Department of Emergency Management is going to be spending thousands of dollars to put a sign inside Comcast Arena. That word today from the monthly Everett Public Facilities District Board meeting. It seems the Department of Emergency Management has grant funds to promote its mission of preparing people for disaster and since Comcast Arena is owned by the Public Facilities District and not the city, they can’t just put up a free sign. The PFD is giving the city a 20% discount however but it still seems strange to see the City of Everett Emergency Management Department spending money inside of a building it may use as an emergency shelter if the big one hits.

In other Comcast Arena news today, Coastal Community Bank is about to get Comcast Arena as a customer as the State of Washington has informed the Public Facilities District that they’re not supposed to be banking at a credit union and have to use a commercial bank. So bye-bye longtime banking partner, Northwest Plus Credit Union, hello Coastal Community Bank.

Finally, in an earlier Blog Post I mentioned country music supergroup Sugarland is scheduled to play Comcast Arena on July 18th. According to Comcast Arena’s Kim Bedier, that will hopefully be firmed up soon but it’s still not a done deal.

Congrats also to Comcast Arena Everett for launching a new in the arena texting service so guests can text messages to arena management. Soon VIP Text Club members can text to vote on their favorite beer. Now that’s using technology to its fullest!

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When It Comes To Economic Development Everett Kicks Butt!

January 26, 2011


Everett is kicking its way out of the economic downturn

Thank goodness for Everett City Councilman Ron Gipson. He just has a way of spicing up the usually boring City Council meetings and today he didn’t disappoint. Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson issued his Economic Development Report which listed four pages of accomplishments that the city has achieved over the past few years. During the comment period, City Councilwoman Brenda Stonecipher praised the work by the mayor’s committee but said she did not see a lot of new things in the work plan and wondered where were the new initatives? She said most of what she saw in the report had already been covered 8 years ago in the city’s vision team plan. When it came councilman Gipson’s turn to speak he said, “This city kicks butt when it comes to economic development!” He went on to say that most cities couldn’t come up with one page of accomplishments, let alone four and that he was thrilled with what Everett has done. You can see the Everett City Council meetings here on Everett TV.

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End of an Era…Kimberly-Clark to close or sell Everett’s Last Pulp Mill

January 25, 2011


Pulp and Tissue Restructuring

The company has initiated a pulp and tissue restructuring in order to exit its remaining integrated pulp manufacturing operations and improve the underlying profitability and return on invested capital of its consumer tissue and K-C Professional businesses. The restructuring is expected to be completed by the end of 2012 and will involve the streamlining, sale or closure of 5 to 6 manufacturing facilities around the world. In conjunction with these actions, the company will be exiting certain non-strategic products, primarily non-branded offerings, and transferring some production to lower-cost facilities in order to improve overall profitability and returns. The total cost of the restructuring is expected to be $280 to $420 million after tax ($400 to $600 million pre-tax). Cash costs are projected to be 25 to 50 percent of the total charges. As a result of the restructuring, the company expects that by 2013 annual net sales will decrease by $250 to $300 million and operating profit will increase by at least $75 million. Most of the restructuring will impact the consumer tissue business segment.

That paragraph in today’s 2011 outlook to investors by Kimberly-Clark means that the last pulp mill in Everett could be gone by 2012. While another paper company may buy the plant, it’s also a very valuable chunk of Everett waterfront that could be turned into something else.

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